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Despite a constant increase in opportunities for university study abroad and student mobility across Europe, there is a lack of a unified format for teacher training at a European level. Local approaches to teacher training and an absence of appropriate ICT tools for learning and communication, limit future teachers to develop their teaching practice beyond linguistic and cultural borders.

The aim of the Erasmus+ project VIRTEACH is to unify teaching practices for foreign language teaching, by creating a digital tool to provide teachers, researchers, student teachers and policymakers with open-source tools and resource for learning and communication.To that end, the VIRTEACH team presents its first results in an International Workshop on foreign language teaching. This includes a discussion of the current status of foreign language teacher training in Europe and the gaps or needs that arise from this situation, as well as an extensive research into best practices and language training activities. The workshop will also explore the role of virtual learning environments in teaching and coaching trainee-teachers in their pre-service phase.

The workshop offers teachers, researchers and student teachers international expertise on best practices and methodologies in language teaching, as well as a presentation of digital tools for communication and pre-service student guidance.

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