VIR_TEACH, A VIRtual Solution for a comprehensive and coordinated training for foreign language TEACHers in Europe, is an Erasmus+ funded project to create a digital tool to improve the postgraduate certificates on Masters on Education (Foreign Languages) and to provide teachers, researchers, student teachers and policy-makers with open-source tools and resources. (Project Reference: 2018-1-ES01-KA203-050045)

For these objectives, Vir_Teach works, step by step, for the following aims:

The implementation of language training activities at a pre-sevice stage.

The convergence of curricular formats at a European level.

The creation of a digital platform, a virtual learning environmen (VLE) that includes a design of a friendly and easy-to-use digital tool for monitoring student teachers during their internship at their in-service stage.

And the design of a White Paper for a comprehensive Language Teachers Training at a European scale where coordinated policy actions and a strategy for engaging policy makers and public administrators are suggested.

Foreign Language teacher training and procedure for accessing this profession is a key factor to ensure that formal education acquires the highest quality standards and does it in convergence with all European countries. VIR_TEACH aims to raise and homogenise the required competencies for an efficient and high-quality teaching practice at Secondary Education stages, developing methodologies and systematic analysis of the current situation in the EU and deploying a set of resources for taking the right steps and progress steadily in the right direction.

The Vir_Teach project started in September 2018 and it has a duration of three years.